How to Reset Air Suspension on Range Rover

Air suspension systems have now become a widespread feature on modern cars, providing a better ride and comfort. Although, from time to time, every technology has its own difficulties that need to be reset. Range Rover that is very often on sale and represents the combination of luxury and performance the air suspension system is widely used in the models. Resetting the air suspension on a Range Rover is sometimes a mandatory job to correct the problems like the uneven ride height or warning lights. In the following guide, we will provide you with the detailed process to reset an air suspension in a Range Rover car. 

Understanding Air Suspension:

Before getting into the resetting of air suspension, it is of extreme importance that you understand what air suspension itself is. Unlike the traditional coil or leaf spring suspensions, the air suspension systems use air springs or airbags to bear the vehicle’s weight. These air spring systems are blown in or discarded using an air compressor, which depending on the drives conditions and load is adjusting the ride height and stiffness. 

Common Issues: There are different troubles that can be caused by the air suspension system in a Range Rover, which eventually require the movement of a reset. 

Uneven Ride Height: If one corner or side of the vehicle sits lower or higher than the others, it shows the presence of a problem with the air suspension. 

Warning Lights: Some critical indicator lights on the dashboard like Air Suspension Warning Light or Suspension Fault Indicator may switch on, indicating that something is amiss with the suspension system. 

Rough Ride: Such issues as the poor ride quality, especially when on a bumpy road or uneven surface, can be caused by the problem with the air suspension; the damping or leveling capabilities are really to blame. 

Resetting the Air Suspension: Re-suspending the air suspension on a Range Rover is generally a sequence of actions that may differ somewhat according to the model year and trim level. 

Step 1: Parking: Find a level parking area where you can ensure that the Range Rover is not running and well seated. Use the parking brake to stop the car from moving while the car resets. 

Step 2: The “Reset” Button is Easy to Find: In most of the Range Rover vehicles, the air suspension reset button is located in the cargo or trunk area of the vehicle. Find the tiny button adjacent to the driver’s seat, which carries “Air Suspension Reset” or related tag. If you find it difficult to find it, refer to the owner’s manual for help. 

Step 3: Keep Pressing And Keep Holding The “Reset” button: When you have located the reset button, press and hold it for about 10-15 seconds. There is a chance that a push button located inside a panel will be recessed, and for this you will be required to get a pen or another analogous item. 

Step 4: Unplug the Reset Button: After waiting for the time recommended by the manufacturer, release the reset button and wait for a few moments. Few words too you may find the sound of an air compressor engaging as the drilling rig enters the cycle. While doing so, you should not start the engine or you won’t be able to open any doors. 

Step 5: The Engine: Begin the Engine: After the reset process is finished, the Range Rover’s engine should be started and allowed to idle for a few minutes. In this manner, the change of the air pressure and system readjustment can be accomplished in accordance with the car load. 

Step 6: Road Test: Give the engine an opportunity to warm up, then get behind the wheel test drive to check for air suspension issues. Don’t forget to focus on the car’s ride quality and any lights on the dashboard that could be a warning to you. 

Step 7: Track for Repeat: Issues of air suspension can be resolved by reset procedure except if they reappear again.  Keeping track of the system is important in this case. If the warning lights keep on appearing or if the ride quality starts deteriorating again, another visit to a qualified mechanic might be required. 


Setting the air suspension on the Range Rover is an easy undertaking that steps(corrects) many problematic air-related problems like uneven ride heights or warning lights on the dashboard. This manual will assist Range Rover owners to reset their car’s air suspension and will effectively bring the vehicle condition back to the initial air quality and performance. Yet, if the problems last for a long period of time, it is necessary to visit a technician to diagnose and fix the air suspension system.